We value their efforts, desire for success the most , hence we provide state-of-art resume service for the interested ones to ease the job penetration in the challenging fields of industry (Pharma/FGCG/Biotech/Food/Chemical likewise).


Others provide but ensure immaculate resumes as per industry standards.

Step - 1: Expert Scrutiny of Resumes

Careful evaluation of initial resumes, gap analysis & valuable inputs as per requirements by our experienced industry experts.

Step - 2: Template Selection

Choice of selection of templates complying the requirements of different sections of industry from our valued contemporary data bank.

Step - 3: Complementary Services

Providing of industry compliant cover letter to boost job interview & industry penetration. Further one-to-one carrier guidance by an industry expert designated by Cogneo.

Step - 4: Modification, Review, and Finalization

Based on selected format and data from the candidate, CV modification is performed by our designated experts. Further cross-review by different experts for any polishing if requires. Hence seek for candidate’s review & approval and CV finalization, within 14 days.*

*14 days-based on two iterations with candidate.

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